Friday, December 3, 2010

Moving along (in more ways than one!)

I am now 22 weeks pregnant. It's hard to believe how fast this semester and this pregnancy has gone. I know soon I'll be saying, baby in arms, that this whole experience flew by. At 22 weeks, there are a few things I have learned and begun to experience.

1. Maternity clothes are heavenly, particularly at Thanksgiving. You can't get much more comfortable than elastic everything and never being self-conscious about your growing stomach because, after all, there's a baby in there!

2. Sleeping on your side isn't great, but it's manageable. I've always been a stomach-sleeper, back is second best, sides only when I have to. While my doctor has said that sleeping on my back some is ok, I am really supposed to keep it to sides if possible. I think now, after about 5 weeks of that I'm beginning to get used to it. Several pillows beside the bed that I can use and toss as needed also helps. Poor Jack, his bed is being taken over by a big pregnant lady and 5 of her pillows.

3. Feeling a baby move inside you is maybe the coolest thing ever. People keep telling me that I'll become tired of this and it will get annoying and maybe they're right, but right now I LOVE feeling her move around in there. I've been trying to pay attention to the times when she most often reminds me of her presence. So far I've noticed it most when I've been sitting and listening to student speeches or comprehensive exam defenses. Either she is a budding communication scholar or she's tired of hearing about communication and wants out of there! I haven't quite figured out which yet.

That's the news up to this point. I hope your December is going well and God has blessed you as He has Jack and I.

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Dana Dill said...

Great updates!!! I never got tired of feeling Asher moved. He loved to move when I was being still too. Congrats!!