Friday, March 18, 2011

Almost time...

Back in July, the day after my birthday, the pregnancy test I took at 5am revealed to Jack and I that we were pregnant. Later that day we had a doctor appointment where Jack asked the question, "Is this for real?" At that time, a due date in April sounded so far away which was good. Plenty of time to prepare. Well, here we are in the middle of March and before we know it our lives will change forever.

I am currently 37 weeks pregnant. What a blessing! When I had my complication almost 10 weeks ago, I really never thought I would get this far. I was sent home on modified bed rest and told that there was really nothing I could do to prevent another abruption, but hopefully taking it easy most of the time would help. It's been tense over the past 10 weeks, more so early on when we immediately got home, but everything is much better now and baby girl is still cozy in her womb.

She is breech. She has found her happy place with her head tucked tightly under my right ribs. She often reminds me her head is there when she seems to stretch out a little bit...toes wiggling in my lower abdomen and head pushing up against my ribs. Occasionally as I gently try to coax her down, she hits my hand with her little fist.

Due to her breech position, we have a c-section scheduled for March 30. That's right...12 days away. If she turns to the proper head-down position before then, we will likely cancel the surgery. But honestly, I don't think she's going anywhere. She's been breech this entire time and now she's curled up in a C position and happy as can be. There is a procedure where a doctor can try to manually turn her to the correct position, however the risk of that is abruption and since I've already experienced that problem this procedure would not be advisable. Honestly, I'm ok with a c-section if that's what needs to happen. With either method of delivery there will be pain, I will be scared, and in the end I'll have my little girl. So whatever method God wills for her to be born, I'm fine with it.

Since the last time I posted on this blog, we have really begun to get the house in order. Furniture, bouncy seat, playard, and stroller are all assembled. Clothes are washed and put away. Toys and blankets are washed and the nursery is in good shape. In fact, sometimes during my sleepless periods in the night I go sit in the rocker in her room and read. It's just nice being in there. Also since the last time I posted, I have become HUGE. At least I feel huge. It's funny how things change in these last couple of weeks. I've noticed that strangers who are typically hesitant to make a remark or ask a question about your pregnancy for fear of sticking their foot in their mouth are no longer shy about asking. Also, people automatically seem to give me more room. I was at a restaurant with Jack this week at a time when the restaurant was almost empty. He had dropped me off at the door and I went in to ask for a table for 2. The hostess walked me past all the tables for four and seated me at a table for six. She pointed to the tables for four and said, "I just hated to seat you at those smaller tables, hun." Wow. Apparently I look like I either need more room or more food.

Overall, this pregnancy has been such a blessing. So many things change during this process and the whole time I've been looking toward the biggest change of all which is now merely days away. Although we've had our ups and downs and one of the scariest moments of our marriage in the process, I can look back on this and say that I have been blessed to have the experience. I know the next step will come with new challenges and blessings as well. Thank you again to all who have kept us in your prayers. It has made a huge difference. Please continue to pray for us as the day draws near and beyond.