Friday, March 16, 2012

The First Year..

I know. I know. I'm a terrible blogger. I wasn't that great before I had a baby and now most of you have probably already taken me off of your Google Reader because I never update this thing. I'm sorry. But if anyone is still reading, I felt it was important to now post an update.

In just over a week, our baby girl will be a year old. Wow. I know I'll blink and she'll be 14, probably rolling her eyes as I dance through the living room and try to use her lingo to talk to her and her friends. For now, she just takes my face in her hands and makes some kind of noise with her mouth that results in her spit all over my face. I. love. it. :)

Since my last post back in July, Lydia has grown and learned at a rate I can't quite believe. I'm amazed by watching what she learns each week. She is completely mobile through crawling, cruising, and rolling and she'll be walking consistently on her own within the next few weeks. She has added beautiful sounds like ba ba, ga ga, and ma ma (my favorite) to her vocabulary and has become proficient at pointing and lunging herself at things to try to get what she wants. We have enjoyed making her food and seeing how she likes new things. She'll eat anything we give her in pureed form. In finger food, she's a bit more picky so she's learning that just because she doesn't want something doesn't mean she can throw it on the floor or hide it in the high chair next to her legs. She loves music and sometimes she even tries to sing along at church or our college student devotionals.

Overall it's been a great year and we feel blessed to have this little personality in our lives. Soon we'll be celebrating that we have all survived the year together. Thanks for your continued prayers. They are a blessing to our little family.