Monday, May 23, 2011

New Baby = Even Busier Life

If there is still anyone out there who follows this, our computer did not break. Turns out, having a baby is time and mind-consuming. I have somehow lost all interest in most things that don't involve Lydia, including blogging.

However, since I am here, I will give a quick update. When last I left you, I was eagerly awaiting baby girl's arrival and it came sooner than expected. Less than a week before our scheduled c-section, my water broke and I had a c-section early that morning. Our Lydia is healthy, happy, and now nearly 2 months old! We feel extremely blessed by her arrival and are learning new things about being parents every day.

Thank you all for the prayers as we experienced this pregnancy and delivery. God has been so gracious to us as we have passed through this time and we continue to need his grace everyday. I will try to blog more, especially as Lydia begins to grow and say/do memorable things.