Monday, October 11, 2010

Help! This kid needs a room...

Becoming pregnant leaves a couple with many more questions than answers. What is the sex? Do we find out the sex? Names? Preschool? Which college should he/she attend? Ok...maybe I'm getting a little ahead of myself. (Although I have made the stipulation that the baby's name should sound good with "Dr." attached to it. Just planning for the future. Haha.)

Lately the big question on my mind (as well as the question I'm getting from others) is what is the nursery theme/colors going to be? Jack and I have made very few decisions so far in this process. What we do know is which room will be the baby's. Unfortunately it's the "throw it in there" room. Do you have one of those? Whenever company is coming over or you have some item that you need to put somewhere and there is no where it can go you "throw it in there." Currently, that room is a wreck for that exact reason. (If you are still following this blog, you'll remember that this is the one room not pictured in the House Remodel post.) Yeah. It was a mess then and it's still a mess now. With the door closed, it's out of sight and out of mind. So once we get it cleaned up and cleaned out, we need to choose a theme. Granted, we don't know the sex yet (although we do plan to find out) and that may have a impact on the theme. So here's my question...where do I go for inspiration or what are your favorite nursery themes/colors? I've seen a few things that I like and so has Jack. We probably won't make this decision completely until we know more and begin to get things cleaned up but I'm a little lost on this one right now. Any advice would be appreciated. [Be forewarned, posts asking for advice/help are likely to become more frequent.]


Mary Zolene said...

I did a Restoration Hardware Silver Sage theme for Olivia's room, but I am weird and didn't want the traditional nursery look.

Mandy said...

Consider how much you like to paint/repaint walls. For example: For Dane, his crib bedding had these cute cars, boats, and trains on them. We painted his walls a very pale blue, then had my MIL paint the same cars, boats, and trains on the walls. We used a wallpaper boarder that matched the bedding as a chair rail around the room. It was very cute while Dane was in the crib, but didn't transition well once he had outgrown the crib, and we repainted a couple of years later. I don't need to tell you what a pain it was to remove that wallpaper chair rail.

Harper and Emerson's room right now is "themeless", so to say. My MIL made her bedding from fabric we found, and it has lots of accent colors in it. We painted the walls a "post-it yellow" color, and it coordinates well with Harper's bedding and also looks fine with the pink and green bedding we have on Emerson's twin bed in there.

We never used a "three-in-one" type of a crib with any of our kids. Once they outgrew the crib, we put them in a twin bed. Also, I got a changing table and storage baskets on the shelves for Dane that I liked, and we have used it with each child. Also, bookshelf+bins/baskets=halfway decent looking toy storage.

I'm so excited for you guys, and can't wait to find out what you're having!

Dana Dill said...

We already had pale yellow walls and did a subtle honey bee theme with black, yellow, and light green as the colors. We got excited before we knew the sex and went with a theme we could use with either boy or girl and with the next child too. Now I wish we'd waited and had a dinosaur themed room. I think no matter what I chose, I still would have wanted something else later. lol!
I think whatever you choose will be fine just remember that you will have to look at it for the next few years, so pick something you won't get tired of.
Oh, and have a nursery party and invite all your friends to come over and help paint, put together furniture, etc. It's like a barn raising and everyone gets to feel involved.
CONGRATS and put up pics soon!!!