Friday, February 19, 2010

The Olympics

Ask anyone (especially Jack) and they will tell you, I'm not much of a sports-watcher. I wouldn't say I'm completely lacking in sports knowledge. Overhearing PTI while Jack gets his daily-dose does keep me vaguely informed and I usually fill out a March Madness bracket based on what I overhear. But, generally-speaking, I could care less about most sporting events unless I'm there- watching it live and in the middle of the action to enjoy the event in person.

So, I have to admit, I'm a little surprised to find myself glued to NBC every evening these days watching the Olympics. And I don't just mean the figure skating. In fact, that is not my favorite event this year (as it has been in years past). I have found the most excitement out of events like the speed skating, the snowboard halfpipe, and the ski moguls. My heart raced as I watched athletes like Apolo Ohno, Shaun White, and Hannah Kearney show strength and athleticism of unbelievable magnitude. It's been incredible. I've found myself going to class and telling my students, "You HAVE to watch the Olympics!" So, now, I say to you...from a regular non-sports HAVE to watch the Olympics! :) It really is an amazing event and one that can make you think about things like patience, endurance, strength, and tenacity.


Mary Zolene said...

I am the same way...not into sports but have found a LOVE for the Olympics!!!

Dana Dill said...

I just got done watching them and you are so right!!! So glad someone else was watching too :)